'Paranormal Activity' Spin-Off Delayed; Fifth Film Not Even In The Works Yet

Here's a quick update on Tuesday's Paranormal Activity news. Yes, there was a Paranormal Activity film scheduled for release this year and yes, it has now been moved to January 4, 2014. That film was not Paranormal Activity 5, however. It's the still-untitled Latino centric Paranormal Activity spin-off, which exists in the same world but is mostly unrelated. That film was directed by Paranormal Activity 2-4 writer Christopher Landon.

As for a fifth film in the main franchise, producers have yet to come up with a satisfactory idea yet, so there's no script or director. All signs point to Paranormal Activity 2-4 editor Greg Plotkin as the man for the job, though. There's no release date set, but October 2014 seems likely. [The Wrap]