New 'Day Of The Dead' Reboot Rises

There's a remake — another one! — brewing of George Romero's original 'Dead Trilogy' capper Day of the Dead. The third film in the loose series of zombie films that also features Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, the film was last remade in 2008. Producers with some remake experience are behind this one: Lati Grobman and Christa Campbell, who produced Texas Chainsaw 3D, picked up the Day of the Dead remake rights.

The LA Times says the film will be budgeted in the $10m-20m range, with a hopeful 2014 release date. Campbell, who had a minor role in the '08 Day of the Dead remake, told the LAT,

We want to keep it as close to the Romero version as possible, to make sure that his fans are happy. These are not going to be zombies climbing walls and doing back flips like in 'World War Z.'

The producers are out to writers now. Presumably that intent to honor Romero means we'll see a story that features the basic setup of the original, in which soldiers and scientists take refuge in a bunker. As the undead swarm outside, experiments take place within the bunker walls on a captive zombie, the better to understand the undead plague.