Andrew Garfield Suggests Gay Spider-Man, Wants Michael B. Jordan For MJ

For a geeky dude, Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker does pretty well with the ladies. He got himself into a relationship with the amazing Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man, and over the next couple of installments he'll also cross paths with Mary Jane Watson and Felicia Hardy. But Garfield thinks it's high time Peter broadened his dating horizons.

In a recent interview, he floated the idea of a male MJ — which would, of course, mean a gay or bisexual Spider-Man. And he thinks Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan would be just the guy to sweep Spidey off his feet. Read Garfield's comments after the jump.

Especially, it seems, if one of said boys is played by Jordan. "I've been obsessed with Michael B. Jordan since The Wire. He's so charismatic and talented. It'd be even better—we'd have interracial bisexuality!"

None of this is to say that Webb's currently scrambling to turn MJ into a man. (Though that'd certainly be an interesting wrinkle to those Shailene Woodley replacement rumors.) Garfield clarifies that he's "kind of joking, but kind of not joking," and in any case it's not his call to make. It's tough to imagine Sony risking the wrath of fans to make this particular change.

But it does make us wonder when we might see an actual LGBT superhero hit the screen. Even as movies like these target extremely wide and varied audiences, the films themselves are pretty homogeneous. It's tough to find a female or non-white lead in a mainstream superhero film, and all but impossible to find a gay one.

Interestingly, Jordan himself is no stranger to the idea of rebooted comic book characters. He's spent the past several months not quite fending off rumors that he'll play Johnny Storm, traditionally a white character, in Josh Trank's upcoming Fantastic Four. So while Garfield's fantasy of casting Jordan as his boyfriend is unlikely to ever come true, Jordan may not need Garfield's help to land his own superhero franchise.

Spider-Man fans, meanwhile, will have to settle for seeing Garfield strike up a (platonic) friendship with Jordan's Chronicle co-star Dane DeHaan in the next film. The image below shows them in costume together as Peter Parker and Harry Osborn.The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Peter Parker and Harry OsbornThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens May 2, 2014.Discuss: Do you like Garfield's half-joking suggestion of Michael B. Jordan as MJ?