VOTD: Max Landis Rants On 'Man Of Steel,' Superman, And The Decline Of Superhero Movies

When you're a successful, in-demand screenwriter, you can just get on YouTube and rant. Max Landis, writer of one of the better superhero movies in the past few years (Chronicle) and director of a Superman fan film, did just that after seeing Man of Steel.

Landis has a true passion for the Superman character, and has some very choice words for the filmmakers behind not only this film, but other superhero movies in general. He talks about how the destruction in the film is totally against the character and serves as a reminder that the "hero" has been removed from "superhero" movies. It's an interesting and thought-provoking monologue. Check it out below.

Here's Landis.

This discussion about the destruction in Man of Steel has been a major topic over the past few weeks. Landis' point, that story elements go against the character of Superman, is a legitimate argument. There aren't many major flaws in the logic. I just happen to believe there's another, equally valid, side to the argument. That would be that Man of Steel was made under the assumption no other Superman movie ever existed.

So though you expect Superman to be flawless and save everyone, maybe this isn't that Superman. Or at least, isn't yet. Don't forget, in the film, he's only been Superman for a few days. Maybe he hasn't settled on his moral code yet. He's like an infant just learning to walk, unsure of how everything works. Judging a film for things you think should have been in it, but aren't, is always a grey area. Even when it's based on such an icon.

Where Landis' point really rings true is when he suggests how lazy it is all these movies end exactly the same way, with huge, devastating destruction. That's not exactly the most heroic thing.

Oh, and here's the Superman short film he referred to.

Landis' latest film, a unique take on Frankenstein, hits theaters October 2014. Do you agree with his points on this?