Rumor: And The 'Doctor Strange' Villains May Be...

Doctor Strange, the most powerful mystic among the Marvel characters, has been high on Marvel Studio's list of possible new characters to anchor a film. But at this point there's no official announcement that the project will actually happen. At least one script has been commissioned, however, by Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, and while we wait to see whether or not Marvel will give it a thumbs-up, we can talk about who might be involved in the story.

After the break, today's rumor concerns three villainous presences reported to play big roles in the film. 

Latino Review claims that The Dread Dormammu will be the key villain, with Baron Mordo as a sort of right-hand man, and the extra-dimensional Giant Mindless Ones as backup muscle.

Dormammu is a flame-headed adversary for Strange, something like a demon, but a resident of a warped dimensional plane rather than a being from Hell. He employs the rough-crafted Mindless Ones as minions.

Baron Mordo was once a student of a long-lived mystic Tibetan master, but plotted to kill the ancient one to gain his power. Surgeon Stephen Strange was visiting the master at the time, and became his student to stop Mordo. So Strange and Mordo were determined foes almost from the moment Strange became a mystic, with the two controlling similar powers, each featuring some strengths the other lacked.

Images of all three are below.

Now, at the beginning of May, Marvel chief Kevin Feige told Collider that they were still working on breaking the story for Doctor Strange. And with the film not likely to hit until 2016 a lot can change, so it's too early to assume any reports now are going to remain accurate going forward. That said, these three characters are the most likely ones to introduce for a Doctor Strange film, so as rumors go this is a safer bet than most.