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Header Photo: LEGO Death Star Trench Run Stays On Target

I'm quoted again in USA Today: "'Man of Steel' finds success — is 'Justice League' next?"

A Few Words About Ferris Bueller in the Internet AgeRebel Backpack

Rebel Backpack

Why 'The Phantom Menace' is one of the best movie trailers of all timeThe 5 Most Unjustly Overshadowed Sci-Fi ClassicsRancor Pit t-shirt

Rancor Pit t-shirt

6 Filmmaking Tips Directly From David Slade

The 'Star Trek' film fans wanted 10 years ago.

ZZ51365FCDEntertainment Earth is teasing the second series of Star Wars Black Series action figures.

DreamWorks Animation Sees $100m Revenue This Year From Netflix, Other TV Deals

HBO GO on Apple TV

Legendary Rules Out Paramount, Disney

Preview: Gentle Giant's SDCC-Exclusive Boba Fett Deluxe Mini BustPreview: Gentle Giant's SDCC-Exclusive Boba Fett Deluxe Mini Bust

'Arrow's' Greg Berlanti to Direct Sci-Fi Film 'Epsilon'

George Lucas' Response to Clerks and the Death Star Contractors

'Prom' Star Thomas McDonell is 'Obsessed With You'

Board Game Battlestar GalacticaBoard Games 101: Battlestar Galactica

Fox Acquires 'Outliers' Pitch for Peter Chernin to Produce

Origins Summer Preview: Wizkids: Star Trek Attack Wing

'The Last 5 Years' Underway In NY

ZZ60CCB4ADBaz Luhrmann Preps Another 'Great Gatsby' AlbumJon Favreau Cooks Undercover at the Hotel Bel-Air

Meet the Tiki Gods from the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland Park

Netflix streaming is coming to the Netherlands later this year


Disney's New Studio Lot Gets OK From L.A. County Planners

How 'Game of Thrones' Slayed on Social Media


'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston shows his dark side in Reddit AMA

HBO Go and ESPN Now Available on Apple TV

Supercut of the Phrase 'We're Not so Different, You and I' in Movies

Vdio on-demand streaming service now open to all

Title of Honey, I Shrunk The KidsThe Art of the Title of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

iTunes Shoppers Now Buying 800K TV Shows Per Day

Every zombie headshot ever assembled into one glorious supercut

Tokyo Disney Announces New Castle Projection Show, Reimagined 'The Little Mermaid' Show

Impressive "Star Trek: Into Darkness" Eye Makeup

10 HORRIBLY MISCAST MOVIE ROLESThe Walking Dead Sheriff Grimes Replica BadgeThe Walking Dead Sheriff Grimes Replica Badge

"I'll Be In My Trailer!" 15 Famous Director/Actor Bust-Ups

Watch: 30-Minute 1997 BBC Doc 'David Cronenberg And The Cinema Of The Extreme'7 Superior Sequels (And Some Runners-Up) Star Wars Droid Vinyl Bank

A New Star Wars Droid Vinyl Bank is Coming to Comic-Con 2013

Legendary Entertainment seeking new WB deal now — or else

Adventure Time Totem TattooAdventure Time Totem TattooTen political thrillers for Edward Snowden's Netflix queueZZ571B9105These Stencils Are Rainbows That Lead You To The Dark SideThe 5 Worst Things About PixarHarry Potter Family Cosplay

Not Your Typical Harry Potter Family Cosplay

2013: The Box Office Year-In-Review (So Far)Star Dogs t-shirt

Star Dogs t-shirt

4 Different Takes on 'Rashomon'Fruitvale Station Poster with Michael B. JordanFruitvale Station Poster with Michael B. JordanThe 10 Best Music Moments from Sofia Coppola MoviesKill Bill t-shirtKill Bill t-shirt

New Simpsons Action Figure Line Will Be All-Celebrity

Jon Smith's Drinking Buddies 2 print set

Jon Smith's Drinking Buddies 2 print set

Enchanted Tiki Room Turns 50 This Sunday

My First Science Set t-shirt

My First Science Set t-shirt

10 Awesomely Random Band Cameos in Movies

Behind the scenes b-roll footage from This is The End

8 Kid-Friendly Versions of Adult MoviesStar Wars Caps

Fancy Star Wars Caps Coming Soon From Starter

Fifteen Unfilmable Novels And The Directors Who Should Try Anyway

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