'Godzilla' Could Feature Multiple Monsters

Briefly: Way back when Legendary's new Godzilla was first announced there was talk that the giant lizard of the title wouldn't be the only monster in the movie. And while there's still no confirmation, more materials now say that we can expect more beasts than the title monster. A press release trumpeting the marketing opportunities for the film describes the movie:

 Featuring spectacular creatures, thrilling action, epic battles and a legendary monster, Godzilla provides the backbone for a monstrous merchandise offering for fans of all ages and enables compelling cross-category opportunities across mass and specialty retailers.

Even Roland Emmerich's Godzilla had the brood of young lizards; let's hope this reboot has something more interesting, and that the other "creatures" will show up in more than toy and video game form. After the break, see a new promo image caught in the wild at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. Appropriately, the pic shows Vegas in flames, presumably after an attack from a huge monster.

Coming Soon got this photo:


Last year's Comic Con saw the debut of proof of concept footage that really cemented Godzilla as an upcoming project. Now that the film has been shooting for a couple months, we can expect the monster himself to stomp all over Hall H. We may not see all the monsters, but a debut of the new Godzilla design is a safe bet. [STYD]