'Insidious Chapter 2' Trailer: Go Deeper Into The Further With Director James Wan

Insidious Chapter 2 probably shouldn't exist. It's the sequel to a 2011 film starring Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Barbara Hershey that was made for $1.5 million. Released with zero expectations, the tiny little film exploded at the box office, grossing almost $60 million, a success ratio that puts it in firmly blockbuster range.

Now director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell have brought back the entire cast to pick up the pieces of their haunted house story with an inventive twist. The first Insidious was one of those movies that begs for conversation after. It created a story about people who could astrally project themselves into other worlds and, sometimes, bring back horrible things from a place called "the Further." Ending on a crazy cliffhanger, fans have clamored for a sequel ever since, hoping to find out what was really happening in the first movie.

The first footage of that sequel, Insidious Chapter 2, is finally here in the form of its first trailer. Scheduled for release on September 13, the film picks up seconds after the original ended making Insidious Chapter 2 look just like the first movie, but with a decidedly bigger feel.

Thanks to Apple for the trailer.

With this trailer, you get a sense Insidious Chapter 2 does what any good sequel should: enhance the first story while creating its own mysteries. There are lots of references to the first movie here – the horses, the old lady, the music – but with plenty of new wrinkles. Apparently the film will have lots of flashbacks to Patrick Wilson's past, as well as even more scenes in the Further – and you don't even see much of either thing here.

Insidious is a movie I've found myself debating with friends time and time again and with this sequel, maybe some of those debates will be answered. It's out September 13.