Exclusive: Iam8bit Video Game Art From Olly Moss, JC Richard, And Phantom City Creative

Video games and movies have gone hand in hand for a while. Movies have increasingly looked toward the gaming industry for inspiration and story properties, while video games have become increasingly cinematic as they stress good storytelling along with cool graphics and gameplay. That trend has spread into the art world too, where some of the most popular artists in the movie poster game have begun to make art based on video games.

Nowhere is that better seen than at the Los Angeles iam8bit gallery, which debuts its latest video game centric show on June 7: The iam8bit Entertainment System. Over 80 artists from across the globe have tackled all kinds of popular game properties. /Film is proud to give you a sampling of work in the show. We also have the exclusive debuts of work by artists Olly Moss, JC Richard and the team at Phantom City Creative. Each is probably best known for the work with Mondo or Gallery 1988, but here they've each tackled old-school video games with their own unique style and sensibility. Check out their work, and much more, below.

The iam8bit Entertainment System show opens at 7 p.m. June 7 at 2147 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA and remains on display through June 30. For more information, like gallery hours and contact info, visit the official site and feel free to RSVP on Facebook too.

Here are our exclusive images, from Olly Moss, JC Richard and two by Phantom City Creative. Mouse over each for the info.

And here's just a small sampling of the rest of the show. Mouse over each for artist name and property.

Finally, as if a a gallery full of cool video game art wasn't enough, iam8bit has teamed up with Capcom to promote the new DuckTales: Remastered video game. They'll have a full size Scrooge McDuck money pit! Here's a glimpse.

Scrooge's Money Bin Blueprint

This should be a great show, do you agree?