Tech Bits: New App Follows After Credits Scenes; Apple Trailers No Longer Allowing Downloading Or 1080p

Here's a story about some evolution and devolution of movie technology. On the one hand, there's are now Apps for your phone that will tell you whether or not you need to stay after the credits in the film. It's a fun reaction to Hollywood's trend of adding new, pertinent information after the credits are rolling.

On the other hand, iTunes Movie Trailers, run by Apple, has taken away the option to both download their files and stream video in 1080p. This is likely a reaction to pirating of exclusive content.

Starting with the evolution side of the story, reports on an app called Anything After. The simple, $0.99 cent app will tell you A) if there's a credits scene in a movie B) When it is, either during or after the credits and C) If it's worth sticking around for. This is a great idea, especially since over the past few years, seemingly every single movie has a credits scene that totally changes the rest of the movie like in The Avengers, Fast and Furious 6, and The Hangover Part III. If you possess that information beforehand, you can plan your bathroom trips and more. Also of note, Anything After isn't the only app out there to perform this task. There's also After Creditsand that one is free.

Speaking of the App Store, iTunes' Movie Trailers page has taken away a few options recently. No long can you download files to your hard drive or stream in 1080p, according to Macgasm. Apple hasn't given a reason for this but it seems pretty obvious. Almost every movie trailer premieres on Apple and, seconds later, a bootleg stream is on YouTube. Taking away the ability to download should slow that down. As for removing the 1080p, that likely has something to do with screen captures of the copy written material or people capturing high quality video. Those are just guesses, but any other reasons would be very surprising.