Rob Corddry Drops New Details On 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2'

Turns out we're getting Hot Tub Time Machine 2 sooner than we thought. After months of speculation regarding a follow-up to the 2010 comedy, last week Adam Scott joined the cast, replacing John Cusack in the cast that features Craig Robinson, Clark Duke and Rob Corddry. Now Corddry confirmed the film will start shooting in the next week or so with Steve Pink returning to direct.

And that's not all. While appearing on the Howard Stern Show Corddry explained a bunch of additional facts, including one particularly revealing nugget: Scott will be playing the son of Cusack's character as the hot tub sends the group into the future. Read more below.

Corddry told Stern Hot Tub Time Machine 2 will primarily take place 10 years in the future. However, since the first film wasn't a massive hit and this sequel is pretty much a labor of love, the budget is significantly lower. So they've worked the lack of budget for cool future tech into the script. He gave one example, where the characters joke about how the future hasn't changed that much and, as they're walking away, they don't see a guy putting a pug on a Hoverboard.

He also said the tentative title until two weeks ago was "Hot Tub Time Machine 3: Because Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Hasn't Happened Yet." However the marketing department forced them to change it.

Expect a full press release soon if the film is really as close to production as Corddry suggests. What are your thoughts on this angle?