Superman's Strength, Flight And Speed Detailed In 'Man Of Steel' Featurettes

One of the reasons filmmakers have had problems turning Superman into a believable film character is he's simply too awesome. He's can fly, he's the strongest, fastest person on the plant (most of the time), and is impervious to almost everything. Who could possibly relate to a being so super?

In Zack Snyder's upcoming Man of Steel, they've embraced those traits and brought Superman down to Earth by tackling his emotions and insecurities. This new Superman can't be physically hurt, but is hurting deep down inside. Fortunately for the world, that still doesn't change the fact he can fly, has super strength and super speed.

Those three traits are put on display in three new Man of Steel featurettes that are filled with new footage and interviews. Check them out below.

Thanks to Norton (via Superhero Hype) for the videos.