Superhero Bits: All 'Iron Man 3' Edition; Spoilers, Mysteries, Concept Art, Alternative Credits

There are a lot of Superhero Bits floating around this week: info is out there for Man of Steel, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers 2 and more. But we're gonna put those on hold in celebration of the superhero du jour, Iron Man. This edition of Superhero Bits is solely decidated to the film at the top of the box office, Iron Man 3, and everything about it.

Do you want to hear Shane Black and Kevin Feige talk about the film's big twists? How is the Internet reacting to the surprises? Want to see some new concept art and alternative credits sequences? How many unanswered questions does the film leave? Is The Mandarin the best comic book movie villain ever? Where was Robert Downey Jr. on opening day? What exactly did all each those armors do? Why didn't S.H.I.E.L.D. come to the rescue? Were the rumors about the film over the years true? Read about all of this and more in today's all Iron Man 3 edition of Superhero Bits — be warned there are film spoilers ahead. 

Why the all Iron Man 3 edition of Superhero Bits today? This TV spot should explain.

Entertainment Weekly spoke to Shane Black about the big twist regarding The Mandarin in Iron Man 3.Iron Man 3 Inventors RDJ

On the opening day of Iron Man 3, Robert Downey Jr. made a surprise appearance at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA to congratulate the winners of the Iron Man 3: Inventor and Innovator Fair. I was in attendance and it was a very cool moment with some very impressive kids. All the contest winners will have their work on display at the theater through June.

Film School Rejects writes about the nine questions unanswered by Iron Man 3.Iron Man 3 Alt CreditsScreenCrush found this alternative closing credits sequence for Iron Man 3. It's currently only available in GIF form, head there to see it all.Badass Digest wrote a piece about how the mysteries in Iron Man 3 could teach J.J. Abrams a thing or two.Justin Goby Fields Iron Man 3 Concept

Artist Ryan Meinerding and Justin Goby Fields as well as others have begun posting some of their gorgeous Iron Man 3 concept art. Thanks to Comic Book Movie. That their work at the top as well too.

Cinemablend says Iron Man 3 did a great job in punking the Internet.

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Other Marks IM3

Want a full rundown of every single Mark between 7 and 42 in Iron Man 3? Comic Book Movie has photos. And Costume Discounters has a cool infographic, but it's not as comprehensive.

Screw the Joker, says The Mandarin is the best superhero villain of all time.

Iron Man 3 Wired Review

This is awesome. Wired reviewed Iron Man 3 as a comic book. This is just the first frame.

Criticwire defends the big plot twist in Iron Man 3.3a-iron-manThe Fire Wire pointed out this Iron Man figure coming soon by ThreeA.The Playlist has their best and worst moments of Iron Man 3.

Want more alternative credits sequences for Iron Man 3? Comic Book Movie posted a bunch from visual effects artist  Jose Ortiz and designer/illustrator Ash Thorp. Many more at that link.

Gawker wrote about the seven most essential Iron Man comic books.

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Adi Granov - Iron Man 3

Cool concept art by Adi Granov for Iron Man 3 via Bleeding Cool.

How many Shane Black-isms are in Iron Man 3Reddit compares the film to Lethal Weapon.

Check out this video of the new Iron Man 3 exhibit at Disneyland via Disney Blogs.

Moviefone lists the five most Tony Stark moments in Iron Man 3.Twenty Things Iron ManVirgin Movies has a huge infographic about the 20 things you didn't know about Iron Man. Here's just one piece.

Is 20 not enough? ScreenCrush has 10 MORE things you didn't know about Iron Man.

Bask - Iron Man 3Blurppy interviewed artist Bask about this cool Iron Man 3 poster. Click there for purchase details.Gizmodo has a great round up of Iron Man do it yourself suits from around the internet.

Due to the amount of graphics and images included in Superhero Bits, we have to split this post over FOUR pages. Click the link above to continue to the fourth page of Superhero Bits.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerHitfix spoke to Kevin Feige and Shane Black asking them where S.H.I.E.L.D. was in Iron Man 3.

Want a bit of history on Iron Man 3 director Shane Black? The Playlist writes about the five scripts that made him so famous.

Iron Man 3 decalGeek Alerts has this massive Iron Man 3 wall decal.Screenrant lists their 15 favorite moments of the Iron Man trilogy.Iron-Man-3-Mark-42-Hand-Flash-Drive

AWESOME Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Gauntlet Flash Drive via Geek Alerts.

Iron Patriot Bearbrick

Mediacom will release this special edition Iron Patriot Bearbrick. Read more at Blurppy.

Finally, go back over all the rumors regarding Iron Man 3 over the years and see which were true and which were false.