Steven Spielberg's Next Film Is 'American Sniper' Starring Bradley Cooper

There was a point where Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell and star Bradley Cooper might have reunited to adapt the book American Sniper, which is the autobiography of Chris Kyle, who has the most recorded kills of any sniper in US military history. (As a civilian, Kyle was shot and killed this past February by another veteran at a Texas shooting range.)

Bradley Cooper has been developing the project since last year, and while he and Russell are now working together on another film, the Abscam sting project American Hustle, there is a new director for American Sniper. Steven Spielberg will reportedly direct the film as his next project. 

All the info we have right now comes from a tweet by Borys Kit of The Hooywood Reporter:

Jason Dean Hall was attached to script last year, but we don't know if his script will be the basis for Spielberg's film. More info as we get it.