'Pacific Rim' WonderCon Trailer: You'll Believe A Boat Can Be A Baseball Bat

The highlight of WonderCon 2013 was Guillermo del Toro's specially-cut trailer for his upcoming Pacific Rim. At the time, the director said the footage was for our eyes only. That's now changed. Warner Bros. has officially uploaded the footage, which will shoot your expectations for the film into space. Check it out below.

Thanks to Warner Bros. for the footage.

As I wrote when describing the trailer for WonderCon, these are by far the highlights:

  • Idris Elba's character telling Charlie Hunnam's character he's tasked with saving a city of two million people. Hunnam's response, "Let's go fishing."
  • We get a history of how the Jaeger program was conceived, ending with Charlie Day calling them "2,500 tons of awesome."
  • Apparently, once the humans invented the Jaegers, they started beating the Kaiju. But then things changed.
  • The tag line is "Go Big, or go Extinct."
  • We get a shot of a Jaeger falling from the sky, towards the Earth. Yup, we're in space.
  • A Jaeger drags an oil liner (or cruise ship/ ocean liner — a big, big boat) along the street like a cartoonish murderer would drag an axe. He picks it up and swings it full force at the head of a Kaiju.
  • The final shot is a POV from a Jaeger clapping his fists around the head of a Kaiju in slow motion. It looks like a surefire, destructive death blow. Just then the Kaiju screams and jumps into the camera.
  • What are your favorite parts?

    Pacific Rim opens July 12.