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Header Photo: Apartment Designed After 'Star Trek' Control Console

44 Songs From 'Mad Men'George R. R. Martin Bought a Movie Theater To Bring It Back To LifeNerdiest Tattoo

The Nerdiest Tattoo You'll See All Day

The 10 Romantic Leads with Which Tom Cruise Has Had The Least ChemistryPixarian Profile: Jonas RiveraPredator Helmet

This Predator Helmet Can Make Even the Tiniest Vespa Badass

Whatcha Gonna Drink? The 'Bad Boys II' Drinking Game

7 Recent Big-Budget Films That Would Have Been Improved By A Major Character Death'Monsters University' Concept Art

New 'Monsters University' Concept Art

14 Horror Prequel Shows We'd Like To See

Viral Video: Another 'Homemade' Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

Sharing an HBO GO password could land you in jail

Oblivion storyboardDrawing Inspiration: Sketching With the Storyboard Artists of Oblivion

Filmmakers Starting to Film Around LA in Big Numbers Again


Screenwriter Michael France Dies at 51

First Wave of 'Monsters University' Merchandise

First Wave of 'Monsters University' Merchandise

RealD Showcases Technology To Show 3D Movies On White Screens: CinemaCon

Prometheus vs Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Trailer Mash-Up

Todd McCarthy Picks Barbra Streisand's 5 Best Films

Temple Run: Oz Temple Run: Oz Welcomes You To Winkie Country In New App UpdateDavid O. Russell Tapped as Guest Director for L.A. Film Festival

Full video for Hong Kong Disneyland's Mystic Manor rideJeffrey Katzenberg Announces China Film Project, 'Tibet Code'ZZ74D2A9A8

The Netflix Queue Sorter Userscript Organizes Your Messy Queue

Average Ticket Price Up Just 2 Cents in First Quarter of 2013

Space Jam websiteHow 'Space Jam' proves the internet is a time capsule

Lionsgate: 'Mad Men' Opening Credits Protected by First Amendment

How iconic Transformers toys go from concept to reality

'Monsters University' To Open Annecy Toon Fest

Netflix 4.0 For iOS Updated

Netflix 4.0 For iOS Updated With Better Episode And Audio Selctors

BBC iPlayer viewing on tablets overtakes that on phones

Listen to All the Bleeps and Bloops of Hollywood's Fake ComputersTop 10 Awesome MacGyver Tricks That Speak For ThemselvesDelicious Library 3

Delicious Library 3 Is Coming Soon, With Matching iOS App

Netflix Adds 3 Million Streaming Subscribers, Stock Tops $200

ZZ4B92D1EC9 Incredible Objects That Prove 3D Printers Are Totally Worth it

DirecTV Voice uses your phone to search for whatever you want to watch, anywhere you are

Archaeology Time t-shirt

Archaeology Time t-shirt

Roku passes 5 million players sold in the US, shows off with a few more stats

This Is Why You Don't Give Bored Movie Theater Employees a Vague Order to Throw Away Expired Candy

Inside Google's quest to build the Star Trek computer

The Walking Droids t-shirt

The Walking Droids t-shirt


The Formula for Every Romantic Comedy Movie, Ever

'Monstrous Summer' Event at Walt Disney World Details

ZZ1FD80185I Love This Girl Who Splices Herself Into Awesome Facebook Cover Photos of Movies and TV ShowsTom Cruise's Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies

Must-Watch Bill Murray Cameo in Alpha House, starring John GoodmanWhy 'Futurama' Should Go Exclusively OnlineZZ5D1D4AD2How a Stormtrooper Family Spends WeekendsMoviefone 5 (Earth Day Edition): Movies That Squandered Our Natural Resources

Game of Thrones Theme Performed on a Bell Tower11 Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From CASABLANCA

News Station Simultaneously Trolls 'Star Trek' And 'Star Wars' Fans


Hogwarts House Ring Designs

Why the Experience of Seeing Movies in the Theater Will Never Get OldZZ3DB80B1F

'Star Wars' Droid Factory Expands to New Locations at Disney Parks

The 10 best Three Stooges films

How to Remove DTLA's Bike Lane From Film in 40 Seconds9 sci-fi TV stars we want back (and the series they'd be perfect for)

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