'Iron Man 3' Post-Credits Spoiler Revealed

I'm going to give you every possible chance not to read this post. Latino Review has a report from the Paris premiere screening of Iron Man 3 and is ready to reveal the film's post-credits scene. I'm sure about 95% of us will want to keep that a secret, even if we already think we know what it is. For that other five percent, we're going to pass on the description below. It's still safe to click after the jump, but there will be a nice big warning. Beware. Seriously.

The reveal comes from Marvel's favorite site, Latino Review.

Again – it's a massive, massive spoiler so, if you don't want to know, please go away.








Wow, still here? Okay. According to Latino Review, here's the post credits sequence:

It starts with a close shot of Tony Stark on a couch talking about his various traumas, obviously he's talking to someone, as if he was seeing a shrink, the tone of the scene is light and supposedly funny. Then we discover that the person he's talking to is Bruce Banner/Mark Ruffalo, who fell asleep because of Tony's boring story. Tony remarks that Banner has been sleeping during the most part of his story and yells at him, and Banner just mumbles and says "You know, I'm not that kind of doctor!" Then Tony recalls another memory and resumes his monologue, and then we see Banner starting to fall asleep again.

So Bruce Banner does appear in Phase Two. That's pretty huge. However, he doesn't do anything, so it's also kind of a let down. What happened to the rumored Guardians of the Galaxy/homing beacon/Gemini Mark 39 suit reveal? Well, one of a few things could've happened. Either it was just that, a rumor, or maybe Marvel knew this screening was still three weeks early and didn't insert it.

Best case? This is the during credits sequence, a la Thanos, and the Guardians reveal is at the end, a la shawarma. Or vice versa.

What do you think of the reveal? Is it exciting? Just a place holder? Are you mad you read this?