Don't Ever Expect A Comic Book Movie From Danny Boyle

Danny Boyle has spoken at length about his disinterest in big-budget franchise filmmaking, but in case there was any confusion, he's reiterating once again that he has no interest in making a Bond film. "They're not really for me," he asserted in a recent interview.

Nor is he eager to delve into the comic book world — as a movie director, that is. As a movie fan, he's looking forward in particular to Josh Trank's Fantastic Four, having "loved" Chronicle. Hit the jump to read his comments.

They're not really for me. The budgets are too big. I'm better working at a lower level of money really because I like that discipline of not having enough money to pull off whatever it is you want to pull off. So I wouldn't be the best person to do those. No. And anyway, I've made a Bond film with a great stellar cast.

The "Bond film" he mentions is the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony, which featured an appearance by Daniel Craig as James Bond and Queen Elizabeth as herself. So it's not a real Bond movie, but it's about as close as we're bound to get from Boyle.

His discomfort with tentpole filmmaking also extends to comic book adaptations.

No, I'm not a big fan actually. I was never a devotee of them. I kind of missed out on that really. I'm always amazed when I meet the people who love them.

Boyle said last month that he was a "big fan" of watching blockbusters, however, saying that "Chris Nolan, Ridley Scott, they mustn't stop making them." And there is at least one on the horizon that he's looking forward to.

The superhero movie I loved was Chronicle. I met Josh Trank the other night and we did a Q&A together. He's working on Fantastic Four and has great and wonderful plans for it. But they're not my world at all. It doesn't appeal to me at all.

Boyle's latest comments are very much in line with statements he's made before, so it seems his mind is made up on this front. That's probably for the best. As disappointing as it is to hear we'll never get Danny Boyle's Justice League (or whatever), it'd probably be even more disappointing to get a half-assed, lackluster version of a superhero film from him.