Video Blog: 15 Minutes From 'Iron Man 3' Give A Feel For Phase 2 Tone And Shane Black's Humor

Now that the final Iron Man 3 trailer is out, do you find yourself craving even more? How about some details on 15 minutes of footage taken from the film? Disney showed two complete scenes, in context, to journalists a few weeks back and we're finally ready to tell you about it.

We were shown the entire Malibu house attack, from beginning to end, followed by its immediate effect on Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. It's an action-packed scene characterized by scope you've come to expect from Marvel, with plenty of surprises. We'll save those for a spoiler section but, after the jump, read some thoughts and watch a spoiler-free video blog. In it, Steve from Collider and I discuss how, in this brief slice of Shane Black's May 3rd film, we get an idea of what Phase 2 will hold, and how the writer of Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout is putting his mark on the Marvel Universe.

Later this week, check back later this week for interviews with Black, Robert Downey Jr., and Marvel President Kevin Feige.

Here's the video blog discussing the footage. It's spoiler-free. Below, I'll explain a few more details of the scene.

Here's the spoiler-filled description of what we saw.

Apparently, near the beginning of the film something bad happens to Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) because of the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley). Tony Stark visits him in the hospital and, on the way out, declares to the press that the Mandarin is nothing, here's my address come get me. That's where the clip started.

Pepper is incredibly nervous about the Mandarin retaliating and is trying to get Tony out of the house when we see the helicopters approaching. They fire and, in slow motion the house begins blowing up. Tony reacts quickly, presses a button on his prototype suit, and it quickly shoots around Pepper protecting her from the blast. Pepper, in the suit (yes, you read that right), takes a blow but gets up, shields Tony and escapes as the attack continues. Stark decides to blow up all the suits as a precaution. (He does, briefly, mention something about a Hall of Armor being secure). The suit then flies back around Tony as the house collapses around him, throwing him into the water. In the destruction, the suit has a malfunction and goes on auto pilot, shooting Tony out into the sky.

We cut to Tennessee, where Tony crashes in the snow. Why Tennessee? We don't know, just that this was its last know flight path. After the attack though, the suit is destroyed and Tony drags it to a nearby shack. Once in the shack, a young boy shows up. They have a conversation, complete with Tony making fun of the kid (mostly because he likes the Iron Patriot better) and Tony hands him some kind of device in exchange for a sandwich.

We then saw one more scene. A 60 second clip, not in context. You hear Guy Pierce's character talking about theatrically as we see a bunch of people setting up for some kind of broadcast. A car pulls up and the Mandarin gets out. He walks through the chaos, sits down and says "Well then, what are we waiting for?"

For more on these scenes, check back later this week for interviews with director Shane Black, producer Kevin Feige and star Robert Downey Jr.