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Header Photo: Star Wars Scenes Reproduced In Cake

Box Office: 'Die Hard' tracking $50 million and up

5 Films That Make Me Glad I'm Single

Harry Potter Goes Hollywood, Gets a Facelift

The 7 Greatest Bromances in Space

The Early Gems: Notable Performances From 2013's Best Supporting Actor Oscar Nominees

The Walking Dead Logo Bookends

Steven Spielberg's 25 greatest movies to date – 1974 to 2012

8 Romanceless Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Valentine's Day

The Fifth Element poster by David Welker

Six actual films that sound like Die Hard sequels

Sad George Lucas

The Signs of the Simpsons

Sam Smyth's Before Sunrise / Before Sunset posters

6 Star Wars Book Villains Who Deserve Big Screen Love

Harlem Shake v3 – Star Wars Edition

Which makes more money: Apple Stores or Disney Parks and Resorts? The answer may surprise you.

5 biggest Die Hard bloopers you've never noticed

Amazon adds 'Undercover Boss,' 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' and more CBS shows to Prime streaming roster

Jaws: The Revenge Trailer Recut as Awards-Worthy Film

Hulu Plus gets 'Kids Lock' feature on iPad, enhances the experience for little ones

If Movie Franchises Kept Going (and Going, and Going)

Cinemark To Show Classic Disney Cartoons And Promote Their Blu-ray Sales

Stan Lee in How It Should Have Ended

Oscilloscope acquires Sundance film 'A Teacher'

Flowchart: Which Steven Soderbergh Movie Is Right For You?

'2016: Obama's America' DVDs Mailed to Hundreds of Lawmakers

Smugglers Inc. t-shirt

Universal Moving Toward Altar On Steve Carell FBI Wedding Comedy

The Muppets Take on Health Care

Paramount Picks Up Low-Budget Sci-Fi Project 'Equinox

Acme has a new Disney silk screen print (+ a variant) coming the end of this month to Dark Ink: "Dangerous" by James Silvani 

Gerard Butler Sues Producers of 'Motor City' for $5.1M

The Quentin Tarantino Death Chart

Six Classic Romance Movies That Get Love Wrong

Drew Struzan, the artist behind your favorite movie posters, now is finally ON one

Turn Your Desktop to Your Favorite Show with These TV-Themed Wallpapers

Thousands Of Images From Aliens Make Up This Aliens Poster

Ken Tucker, TV Critic, Departs Entertainment Weekly

"Game of Downton Abbey" Theme Song Mash-Up

CEII: Art Show Participants Announced

Lightsabers And Millennium Falcons Do Not Go In The Bathroom

Try Vulture's Die Hard Sequel Title Generator

Portlandia: Artisanal popcorn

The Films Of Abbas Kiarostami: A Retrospective

Conceptual Darth Vader Meditation Chamber Fireplace

Han and Leia: Why They're Perfect Together

Star Trek Casts Heads 30 Single T-Shirt

Writers Guild East Awards Ceremony to Tribute Nora Ephron; Watch Live Broadcast of WGA West


WB buys half-hour in prime time to promote Ben Affleck's 'Argo'

The Darth Vader Knife That's Made To Go With a Kilt

Warner Bros. Consumer Products Unveils Wonderful Product Lineup For The 75th Anniversary Of "The Wizard Of Oz"

The Walking Dead Board Game

New Pixarian Profile: Monsters U Director Dan Scanlon

Robert Rodriguez's Sim City parody trailer

Total Recall: Discontinued Academy Awards

Poster for Pixar's New Short, The Blue Umbrella

9 Reasons 'Hudson Hawk' Is the Best Bruce Willis Film Ever


ScriptShadow reviews the screenplay "Killing Charlie Kaufman"

Star Wars car fan wraps launching in a couple days

'Dexter' season 8 begins filming in L.A.

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