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Header Photo: Katie Cook's "I Know" Star Wars comic

Robopocalypse author Daniel Wilson on The Two Stages of a Hollywood Soul-CrushingWhy "WarGames" Still Matters

Spirit Fighter t-shirt

Unlike Netflix Subscribers, HBO Viewers Aren't Binge Viewers

Why Netflix Has 'No Motivation' to Release Ratings for 'House of Cards'

Incredible 250,000 Piece LEGO Star Wars Display

A Good Day to Read 'Die Hard' Criticism

'Ocean's Twelve' Is a Great Sequel About How Hard It Is to Make a Great Sequel

Adventure Time/Star Wars mash-upCharlie Ergen: Dish's Blockbuster Didn't Have "Guts" To Challenge Netflix

Help Fund Cowboys & Engines: A Steampunk FilmJohn Grisham's 'The Racketeer' Picked Up by Fox 2000, New Regency

Space Ice Cream t-shirt

Let The Right One In print by Cuyler Smith

Black List Scribe Eric Kirsten to Pen Ineffable's 'Potential'

Rejected Pitches: Die Hard

DreamWorks' 'Shadow and Bone' Lands Writer

The Matrix (Regular Edition and Variant Edition) print by Craig Drake

Erotic Novel 'Beautiful Bastard' Getting Movie at Constantin Film

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Brings 500 Sunny Days to Sesame StreetNicolas Cage Joins Thriller 'Tokarev'

Ultimate BACK TO THE FUTURE Collectible: Biff's Manure Car

Universal Dates Mystery Illumination Movie for 2015

Key & Peele Take On The Entire DIE HARD Franchise

Netflix: 'House of Cards' Is Our Most Popular Show Right Now

"Journey to Oz Balloon Tour" Lifts Off For Disney's OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL

Listen To Philip Glass' Chilling 'Duet' From Chan-wook Park's Stoker

Japan Gets Bizarre Chocolate Bruce Willis For DIE HARD Promo

50 Steamiest Movie Kisses: 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' To 'The Notebook

Wookie The Chew Shadow Box – 'At-Ore Gets Carried Away'

The top 10 shots of 2012


10 Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From SwingersBreaking Bad Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

Bad Hair Days at Pixar

The Walking Dead Theme Song Performed by The Harp TwinsWe Imagine 'Star Wars' Romance Novels Because They're InevitableAnother element of Gallery1988's "For Your Consideration" exhibitInterview with creators of "Escape from Tomorrow"

Here is the release schedule for the Best Picture nominee prints we created with The Academy at Gallery1988 7021 Melrose Ave.

Did You Know Hitchcock Thought 'Psycho' Was a Big Joke and Was Horrified People Took It Seriously?

'Mars Attack Misfit Robot' by Plaseebo @ToyFair 2013

3 Scientific Advances Predicted by TV Shows

90s-Cartoons doin' the Harlem Shake (feat. Beavis and Butthead, Pinky and the Brain, Ren and Stimpy)

"Is that one thing?": 5 pop-culture life coaches who can't count

Reel SF, San Francisco Movie Locations Then & Now

Top 10 Greatest Giant Movie Monsters

Griff's Hoverboard For Sale On eBay

What Netflix's 'House of Cards' Means for the Future of Television Without Television

First Look: Olivia Wilde & Jake Johnson In Joe Swanberg's 'Drinking Buddies'The Five Most Tear-Jerking Tropes of TV Medical Dramas

Toy Fair: Disney Planes Pilot Pals™ Dusty Crophopper Remote Control Plane.

The 5 Best (and 5 Lamest) Pop Culture Dinosaurs

"Adam and Dog" by Minkyu Lee

10 Most Incompetent Space Captains in the Universe

Supercut: Distracted People Getting Hit by BusesThe 10 Sundance Hits Most Likely To Be Next Year's Oscar Noms

Five Star Wars Treats You Can Make With The Force

When Can I Watch the 'Die Hard' Movies with My Kids?

'The Walking Dead' Third Season Limited Edition Blu-Ray Case

10 Actors You Think Won For Something But Won For Something ElseInfographic: The Evolution of Star TrekThe 7 Most Impressive Hollywood Family Dynasties

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