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Netflix's 'House Of Cards' Is Internet TV-Funded Original Programming But Don't Kid Yourself It's Ad-Free (Spoiler Alert)

Was Darth Vader's attack on the rebels at Hoth a complete military blunder?

Today's t-shirt of the day on TeeFury is a Incredibles/Princess Bride-inspired design "The Inconceivables".

Alan Sharp, screnwriter of 'Rob Roy,' 'Night Moves,' diesHow Hollywood's Limitations Are Forcing Established Directors Into Retirement (Or Out of the System)

/Film reader Tony G's Bad Robot/Darth Vader tattoo

Read Stanley Kubrick's Script (and Notes) for the Napoleon Bonaparte Epic He Never Got to MakeThe 15 Most Prolific Film Actors of the Last 5 YearsStar Wars location postersWatch the Pirate Bay Documentary Online Now

Jim Jeroo's 'Serenity's Nine' (Set of nine prints – 8.5"x11" each, approx)

Facebook and Pixar artist team up to create the future of the emoticon

Choose Your Captain T-Shirt

How To Watch Netflix In Your iPad From Any Country In The World [How To]

Drive by 100% Soft

MoviePass Gives Android Owners Unlimited Theater Tickets for $30 per Month

Michonne's Katana Training T-Shirt

By the Numbers: Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure Park

Disneyland Fantasy Faire To Open In One Month , On March 12

Love Sucks! 10 Romance-Hating Movies to Get You Through Valentine's Day

/Film reader Jim T may have spotted an easter egg in episode 4 of House of Cards:

i noticed a funny little thing, reminiscent of pixar easter eggs. i took a screenshot of it. it's when doug and frank are going over the majority votes with the list of names and the one doug puts on is "D. FICHNER" even though its spelled wrong, it must be a little homage. enjoy!

Joel And Ethan Coen's 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Gets Early Showing On Sony Lot

Test Track at Epcot – Re Imagined

Amanda Seyfried in Talks to Join Seth MacFarlane's 'Million Ways to Die'The Art of the Title of ParaNorman

Roadside Attractions Wins U.S. Rights to Festival Hit 'Gloria'

Jullian's watercolor painting of Magic Mike

Sony Developing 'Oliver Twist' Re-Imagining With 'Dodge & Twist'

Trailers From Hell: Larry Karaszewski on The Heartbreak Kid

Ozzie and Harriet/Ari Gold House Hits the Market in the Hills

Nasa/Han Solo t-shirt

Drinking Game: Get 'Skyfall' Down DrunkArgo Featurette – Declassifed

'Storage Wars' Star Mark Balelo Dead of Suspected Suicide

Doctor Who Gallifreyan CoastersI, Frankenstein is Coming in 3D

Chibi Star Trek figures

Lionsgate reported revenue of $743.6 million, EBITDA of $66.2 million

"Firefly: The Game" Announced At New York Toy Fair

Gallery1988 Melrose is moving

Rare Disney Car Commercials Designed by Tom Oreb

AMC's The Walking Dead Shatters Another Cable Ratings Record

Mysterious New Quad Poster for Scott Stewart's 'Dark Skies' DebutsThe Cinema Behind Star Wars: Kagemusha

Nuking The Fridge Has Nuked The Fridge: Indiana Jones Could Have Survived After All

6 Cynical Valentine's Day Scenes We Love

Fifty (Years of James Bond) poster by David Moscati

Help The Rebel Scum Raise $11M For An X-Wing

8 Actors Who Look the Same on Every Movie PosterThe cost of exploring space: "Prometheus" movie budget would be enough to keep the search for real aliens going for 52 years

Christopher Nolan Animated TributeThe 50 Harshest Roger Ebert Movie Review QuotesFirst Look: Philip Seymour Hoffman & Rachel McAdams In Anton Corbijn's 'A Most Wanted Man'The Top 50 Movies Never Nominated For Best Picture at the Oscars.


6 Movie Characters You Didn't Know Died Horrible DeathsTrue story: Gandalf appears at University of Minnesota during exams, going around telling people ominously "You shall not pass."Star Wars Pre-Roll in a Traceroute

R2-D2: Beneath the Dome

Nordling's 5 Best STAR WARS Saga Movie Moments

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Infographic: 5 Reasons Die Hard 5.0 Will Earn Hard CashThey're Writing Novels About Downton Viewing Parties

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