More Images From Aborted 'Superman Lives' Show Nicolas Cage In Costume

Whether it's a tragedy or a blessing that Tim Burton never got to make his Superman Lives remains up for debate, but thanks to all the toy prototypes, concept sketches, and whatnot that have emerged over the years, we've been able to cobble together an idea of what might have been. The latest glimpse at the movie that never was comes in the form of a photograph, showing would-be star Nicolas Cage in a test suit.

Interestingly, while other costume tests have shown some pretty out-there variations on Supes' outfit (no surprise, considering it was a Burton project), this one hews much closer to his traditional getup from the comics. Assuming it's in the standard primary colors, anyway. The photo's in black and white, so it's impossible to tell. Hit the jump to check it out.

The outfit looks less like a Superman costume and more like a Superman action figure. All that ultra-defined musculature may be faithful to the comics (some versions of them, anyway), but it looks a little weird on a flesh-and-blood person. Especially when said person is Cage, who even in the '90s didn't much resemble the classic, chisel-jawed Clark Kent we know and love. Instead of the signature spit curl, we have Cage's receding hairline. On the plus side, at least this version of the Super-suit isn't glowy and holographic.

Click here to read our previous coverage of Superman Lives. Or, if you're really curious to learn more, consider donating to Jon Schnepp's Kickstarter fund for a proposed documentary about the failed project.Discuss: Do you like Cage as Superman in this outfit? Now that you've seen this pic, are you more bummed or relieved that Superman Lives never came together?