Brad Pitt Could Play 'Pontius Pilate' In The Warner Bros. Epic

Brad Pitt is no stranger to playing larger than life figures and he might soon add another to his ever impressive resume. Deadline reports he's circling the title role in Pontius Pilate, a Biblical epic written by Vera Blasi. The film has yet to attract a director but if the script is strong enough to pique Pitt's interest, that's a good thing. Read more after the jump.Deadline describes the script, which tells the life story of the man who famously presided over the cruxifiction of Jesus Christ, as "a Biblical era Twilight Zone."

Rather than a straight ahead Biblical film, Blasi's script reads almost like a Biblical eraTwilight Zone episode in which a proud, capable Roman soldier gets in way over his head. His arrogance and inability to grasp the devoutness of the citizenry and its hatred for the Roman occupiers and their pagan gods leads him to make catastrophic decisions.

They then say that it has "twists and unexpected turns that satisfyingly combine history, political maneuvering and storytelling inventions reminiscent of such films as Braveheart and Gladiator."

Pitt has several movies coming out in the next year (World War Z, Twelve Years a Slave, The Counselor) and is always attached or rumored to be circling something, but it doesn't appear he's committed to a green lit picture in the near future. That could end up being this, if they can get a director and green light.

Do you think Pitt would be good as Pilate? Is this an epic you'd be interested in seeing?