Mechs Run Amok In 'Robotech' Fan Trailer

Guillermo del Toro is doing giant robots in Pacific Rim, Michael Bay did them in Transformers, and an updated version of Voltron has been in and out of development for years. But Robotech, which was the mid-'80s US combination and localization of several Japanese TV series, has yet to inspire a live-action film. Plans were afoot at Warner Bros. for a live-action movie, but the last time we heard anything about that was several years back.

Enter director Cesar A. Turturro and writer Jorge Luis Sucksdorf, who are working on the Robotech Valkyrie Project, a fan effort to create an unlicensed Robotech feature in Argentina. The group recently released a new trailer, which is below.

The Facebook page for the Valkyrie Project gives this description of the film (translated from Spanish):

In 1999 an alien spacecraft fell on a South Pacific island and humanity was struck by the sign of a truly advanced technology, with an unimaginable firepower. The whole planet arms collaborated with a project based on what they had discovered. When they called "Technology Robotech", should understand, manipulate and develop what was found on that ship.

In a remote town in South America, a group of scientists working against collaborating with the construction of the first multipurpose variable fighter plane called: Veritech VF1X. In 2005, they are about to discover something very powerful ... Human ambition to reach beyond any price would bring catastrophic consequences. An event that would forever change the reality, a secret that would remain in the strictest of silence for years and only now released.

Here's an older trailer, from last summer: