Cool Stuff: Robert Shane's 'Star Wars' Vs. 'Aliens' Art Trilogy

Robert Shane is a UK-based artist probably best known for his awesome Star Wars mash-up paintings. While I havent featured Shane's work on /Film in the past, I've admired his work from afar on his DeviantArt page. His latest series is a mash-up of the Star Wars and Aliens franchises, imagining what might happen if the Galactic Empire were to encounter a ship full of Aliens. Hit the jump to see his three pieces in this epic trilogy of digital paintings, featuring Stormtroopers, Darth Vader and Darth Maul trying to survive the unsurvivable.

Stormtroopers vs. Aliens by Robert Shane

Darth Vader vs. Alien by Robert Shane

Darth Maul vs Aliens by Robert Shane