Superhero Bits: The Avengers 2, The Dark Knight Rises, Wolverine, Superman, Joker, Stan Lee

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Does Tom Hiddleston think he's coming back for The Avengers 2? Did The Blob look different in X-Men Origins: Wolverine? What was Batman's happiest day ever? Where can you see a bunch of awesome pop culture including Superman, Sebastain Shaw and Zod? Is Warner Bros. still pushing The Dark Knight Rises as an Oscar contender? When can you get toys based on Adam West's Batman? Want to see what a professional editor can do with the three Christopher Nolan Batman movies? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

Talented illustrator Kevin Greene also happens to be a /Film reader and alerted us to the fact he's just published his first book, Heroes & Villains: The Science Fiction Caricature Art of Kevin Greene. Here's just one example, of Christopher Reeve's Superman. See the full list and more on Amazon. Very cool stuff.Tom Hiddletson spoke to MSN (via Superhero Hype) about what his Marvel plans are after Thor: The Dark World, including if he knows anything about The Avengers 2:

I don't know, and that really is the honest answer. I know I've been known for obfuscation in other quarters, but I have no idea, I haven't spoken to Joss. He's definitely doing it. So I suspect not, only because I think that probably the audiences are tired of Loki being the bad guy. Maybe the Avengers need somebody else to fight. But I'd love to be part of it again.

Urban Collector (via Fashionably Geek) is taking orders for this creepy Harley and Joker shirt.The Dark Knight Rises was the #1 movie trailer viewed on YouTube this past year.

Conditioner Gordon joins Batman Shampoo in this brand new video by Matt Mulholland via Geeks Are Sexy.

Gamma Squad has five cool comics you can buy your friends for Christmas.

Another For Your Consideration ad for The Dark Knight Rises from Flicks and Bits (via CBM).

Superhero Hype confirms Mattel will release a series of toys based on the 1960s Batman franchise next year.

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Marc Silvestri joins the gang on Cocktails with Stan.Batman vs. Zombies. On a t-shirt. Why not throw in some cats too? Check it out at GeekAlerts.

Olly Moss finished his Thor: The Dark World poster and one of the stars responded!

This is gross. Superhero Hype posted Amalgamated Designs' alternative looks at the Blob in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Artist Dustin Harbin will draw you anything you want for one hour and recently he drew "The Happiest Day of Batman's Life." Precious. Thanks to Sir Mitchell.

Editor Joel Walden has spent the past few months editing his amazing tribute to The Dark Knight Trilogy.