Universal Talking About Possible 'Pitch Perfect' Sequel

One of the best times I had in the theater all year was with Jason Moore's a capella musical comedy, Pitch Perfect. Starring Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, the film had a high-energy pace, catchy tunes and an evil sense of humor that made it feel like Bring It On with singing. After turning a decent little theatrical profit, Pitch Perfect hit Blu-ray this week and with that comes news of a possible follow up. A ca-awesome!

In a new interview, the film's male lead, Skyler Astin, said he has a meeting coming up to discuss a possible sequel and he believes Rebel Wilson took the meeting as well. "[A sequel] is definitely a talking point," he said. Read more after the jump.

The follow quote came from Movieweb (via The Film Stage):

I do have a meeting with a Universal representative next week. And I know that Rebel Wilson had hers last weekend. It's definitely a talking point.

They then ask what that film might entail:

I think that I am willing to do anything. I like to collaborate. If my voice will be heard, then I will do some research and think about it. There are definitely times where I am listening to the radio, and I think, "That would be awesome. I would love to sing that." It's this weird karaoke fantasy that I might someday get to live out on the big screen. Then again, I know there are so many politics in that decision-making. Also relevance. If we film this next year, and it doesn't come out for another year and a half, will that song still be popular? Will it be over played? I think they did such a perfect job. The music landed so perfectly when it came out the first time, I can't imagine, if the same people are involved, that lightening won't strike twice. I will sing whatever they want me to sing.

Astin brings up a great point here. I walked out of Pitch Perfect thinking, "Wow, I loved that movie" followed by "In 6 months, no one will know any of the songs." While much of the music is older standards and pop classics, a good majority are top 40 hits from the past several months. Those songs get remembered by people who grew up with them, but forgotten quickly by everyone else. It'll be interesting to see if Pitch Perfect finds a huge audience on Blu-ray (it should) and if they can put together something quickly to keep the fans excited.

Did you see Pitch Perfect? Would you be up for a sequel?