VOTD: The Cast Of 'Downton Abbey' Reenacts 'Breaking Bad' On 'The Colbert Report'

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to combine two of TV's best shows in a way no one would expect. On Thursday's episode of The Colbert Report, the host took a story about First Lady Michelle Obama getting an advanced copy of the third season of Downton Abbey ahead of its BBC America premiere and turned it on its head. Colbert said he had an advanced look at another highly anticipated 2013 returning series, Breaking Bad. However, the scenes would be reinacted by the cast of Downton Abbey: Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter and Rob James-Collier. The resutls are pure magic. Check it out below.

Thanks to The Colbert Report for the hilarious video. Be aware. If you haven't seen Downton Abbey season 2 yet, jump ahead to 2 minutes to avoid some massive spoilers.

The Colbert Report

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