LOL: Everything Wrong With 'The Amazing Spider-Man' In 2 Minutes

Last week, The Dark Knight Rises got a sound thrashing at the hands of the Honest Trailer guys. This week, CinemaSins sets their sites on another of 2012's big superhero films, The Amazing Spider-Man. Marc Webb's reboot was successful enough to warrant a currently-in-pre-production sequel, but many fans felt the story in the film was a tad illogical. After months and months of advertising an "untold story," the only "untold story" was what happened during the movie.

Oddly enough, this video doesn't even get into that. It just points out super nitpicky things. Still, it's funny. Check it out below.

Thanks to CinemaSin (via Vulture) for the heads up.

Since this video is built around nitpicking elements of the production design and wardrobe (valid, to but sure, but minute) here's my one issue with it. Obviously the video is beholden to doing things quickly and with humor. If this video was 12 minutes, I probably wouldn't have watched it, so brevity makes sense. I just feel like The Amazing Spider-Man has deeper, more interesting flaws besides "Scene does not include lap dance." This is a well-done video that, had it not been boxed in by the 2 minute thing, could have poked fun at some of the bigger issues. Things like the parent storyline being tied up in a montage, how the Irfan Khan plotline is literally left out in the cold, etc. Instead we get three Bing references. Admittedly, though, that was nuts.

That said, it's really funny so maybe that trumps being thorough. What do you all think?

Side note – While we joking about The Amazing Spider-Man, it has an Honest Trailer too. You can watch it here.