'Pacific Rim' Creator Hired To Co-Write Sequel With Guillermo Del Toro

It's difficult to really get across the idea that Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim might truly be a movie we'll want to see more of after it opens in July next year. The idea of del Toro doing his take on giant robots fighting giant monsters will be enough, for some people, especially when one of the robots is piloted by Idris Elba. But until people see footage in the first trailer (coming soon, with The Hobbit) it might be a little premature to talk sequel.

But here we are anyway. Legendary Pictures likes the film, evidently, as it is not only getting behind Guillermo's next film (the big haunted house movie Crimson Peak), but also hiring Pacific Rim's original writer, Travis Beacham, to script a sequel with del Toro.

THR originally reported that Beacham will write under the supervision of del Toro, and that a decision on the director for the sequel has yet to be made. An update clarifies that del Toro is going to co-write:

So don't assume that GdT will make two giant monster movies in the series; he could end up producing the second while someone else direct. He and Legendary do hope to shoot Crimson Peak starting in early 2014, so assuming that takes place as tentatively planned, it would be a while before the director would be available to direct a Pacific rim sequel.