Star Wars Bits: Mark Hamill Talks Episode VII, Corey Feldman Wants Solo Son Role, Sam Jackson Defends Prequels, Angry Birds Find Hoth

There are two major pieces of Star Wars speculation out there today, followed but a bunch of smaller pieces. Hence this edition of Star Wars Bits, where you can read about the following:

  • Promoting his latest movie Sushi Girl, Mark Hamill says he still isn't sure if he'll be back for Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Corey Feldman throws his hat in the ring to play of Han Solo's son.
  • Samuel L. Jackson defends George Lucas and his Star Wars prequels.
  • Angry Birds: Star Wars gets its first DLC this week: Hoth.
  • When you're Luke Skywalker, you're privy to information the rest of us don't know. For example, Mark Hamill knew about the new Star Wars films several months ahead of us. Now that the knowledge is public, though, he's a little less on the inside. The actor – who is expected to return in some aspect – is out promoting his latest film, Sushi Girl, and is obviously being bombarded with questions about the upcoming sequel. Here are some of his best quotes:

    Speaking to E! Online on whether or not he has found out if he'll return yet or not:

    We have questions about it. And really, they're not even at the stage where they're able to answer those questions because, as far as I know, is there a story yet? Until I know more about what they have in mind, I think it's better to let Lucasfilm make the announcements.

    Talking to Coming Soon on the same topic:

    I don't have any information that isn't already out there. And I'm in a place where sometimes I forget what's classified and what's not. I said to my son – because my son is really the Star Wars fanatic in my family, of my three kids – I said, "How come you know more about Star Wars than me or even Lucasfilm?" He goes, "Well, Dad, I go to" He knew about the new writer, Michael Arndt, before I knew about that... I'm not holding out on you. I just know that nothing's been decided, whether we're in or out. I was surprised at how George announced it, because he told me about this last summer. Not about Disney, but just that they decided after all these years that they were gonna go do VII, VIII, and IX. We were just shocked. But it's so in the early stages... I thought he announced too early. I don't know what the timing was in terms of the Disney deal. But we don't know what's going on really. And when we do, believe me, we'll let you know!

    Finally, speaking to SFX on where he'd like to see the Luke character go in the new film:

    Well, it's an interesting question. I remember when we were making the first trilogy I thought... When I realized they were gonna make the princess my sister, I said, "You know where this is headed? It's headed for Obi-Wan territory, where I'm in a desolate hovel, as an elderly recluse." But I've heard other ideas, like you say – somebody who's training Jedi. I guess in the books he does have an offspring.

    To be fair, Lucas telling him and Fisher in August seems pretty telling me to that they'll be back. But only a select few know that just yet.

    One person who definitely doesn't know is Corey Feldman. Yes, the star of Stand By Me and The Lost Boys spoke to MovieWeb and said that being a part of Star Wars Episode VII is something that he really wants to do. Feldman was in one Kathleen Kennedy produced film, Gremlins, so he does know some people and said he'd really love to play Han Solo's son if, in fact, that character even appears in the film:

    More than anything, I want a part in that new Star Wars franchise...But what I would like to see in the development of those next three movies is that they bring back all of the original characters, as they are still alive. And you can make them the older generation. Then, whether its their kids, or a bunch of new young soldiers, or Jedis, or warriors...Whatever it is, I would certainly like to be a part of that new young brigade that they are going to bring forward....I think Harrison Ford's son is a really great idea, actually. Fans have always said that I would make a great Indiana Jones, a great Young Indiana Jones. We look very similar, we have the same type of bravado. The same character persona with the whole Edgar Frog thing. It is a good fit.

    Samuel L. Jackson was a good fit in the Star Wars prequels. Playing Mace Windu, the actor did the best he could with Lucas's stunted dialogue and, to this day, stands by the films. In an interview with Total Film (via Comic Book Movie), he said the following about the movies:

    Us older guys who watched Episodes IV, V and VI were kinda too cold, especially for Episode I. Because Episode I was basically a kiddie movie. It's about this little kid who gets to do all this fantastic shit. Little kids watch that and they're like 'Wow, I wish I could do this.' And they love Jar Jar Binks, who all adults hated. But that's what George [Lucas] was doing. George knows what George is doing. Everyone else can question it. Or we take possession of things in a certain way and go, 'I don't care if the creator is writing it; he has right to write that because he's letting me down because that's not the story I wanted him to tell.' Let him tell the story he wants to tell.

    Finally, if you're a Star Wars fan, I highly recommend you download Star Wars: Angry Birds. It's a ton of fun and the ways it incorporates the films is clever and entertaining. If you check out the menu, you'll notice they tease a series of Hoth based levels coming soon and the official Tumblr annoucned it'll be available on November 29. Here's a teaser: