Superhero Bits: Man Of Steel, Nemesis, Secret Service, Thor: The Dark World, Kick-Ass 2, Batman

Has Joe Carnahan begun the script for Nemesis? What did Mark Hamill have to say about being part of Mark Millar's Secret Service? How does Natalie Portman look on the set of Thor: The Dark World? Which UFC star appears in Kick-Ass 2? Where can you see a prototype toy from Man of Steel? Is Bryan Singer researching for X-Men: Days of Future Past? How can you unlock a Man of Steel exclusive and which Battlestar Galactica star is in the movie? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

Rodrigo Oliveira (via Geek Art) made this, and other, awesome polygon Avengers.

Comic Book Movie posted some set photos from Kick-Ass 2 revealing UFC legend Chuck Liddell's cameo.

In an interview with Yahoo, Hugh Jackman credited Russell Crowe for getting Bryan Singer to cast him as Wolverine.

Geek Summit (via CBM) found these Man of Steel prototype figures on eBay.

Marvel's Avengers Initiative game is now available on Android.

Share the above ad to help unlock a Man of Steel exclusive.

Battlestar Galactica star Tahmoh Penikett is reportedly in Man of Steel, via Comic Book Movie.

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PopSugar (via CBM) posted a bunch of images from Thor: The Dark World including this one of Natalie Portman. Head there to see an interesting bus ad too. Also, this link has some more spoilery pictures of Portman. Be aware.

In an interview with Media Mikes (via CBM) Mark Hamill talked about his involvement with Mark Millar's Secret Service.

It has begun.

College Humor's Batman can't stop thinking about sex.MTV is thankful for comic book movies in 2012.Comics Alliance aims us toward this custom Batman: Arkham City Chuck Taylor's.


Speaking to VultureAdrianne Palicki talked about the new Wonder Woman show, superhero tattoos and more.

This Modok mug via ThinkGeek is rad.