Morgan Spurlock Will Direct A One Direction Concert Film

I can't claim to know anything about the boy band One Direction, though a quick and easy search tells me they're kids from England and Ireland who have been releasing records for two years after being discovered via the show The X Factor, and whose management has done a pretty good job of selling. At a time when no one moves records any more, these kids sell a lot: three million copies worldwide of their debut record, for example. They've got two platinum singles and one triple-platinum singles in an era when the notion of single sales seems so bygone that I bet a lot of people might not even know what "triple-platinum" means.

They've even got a concert film that came out late this past spring on DVD. Now they're going to have another, and it will be a big theatrical 3D thing, and Morgan Spurlock is going to direct, presumably because there is a serious payday waiting at the end of that process.

There's a press release that announcesĀ Spurlock's movie will be released on August 30, 2013. With a total of 13 million in sales globally it's obvious why Sony wants to make the movie. But why does Spurlock want to make it? For the same reason, I suppose. Lord knows what the guy could finance with the cash this might generate for him.

In the long run, I hope he takes that cash and does something wild or daring with it. Docs like The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and Mansome don't hold much appeal for me, and after Super-Size Me I'd hoped Spurlock might go deeper into the idea of investigating through documentary, rather than using it to chronicle parts of pop culture.