The Sounds Of 'Wreck-It Ralph,' 'Argo,' 'Flight' And 'Skyfall'

Odds are if you've been to the movies in the past four weeks, you saw Wreck-It Ralph, Argo, Flight or Skyfall. They're the top four movies at the box office at the moment and each have their own merits. One is great family fare with fun geeky spin. The next is a taut thriller in the mold of old Hollywood. The third is a well-done, but slightly preachy, character study and the last one is a crowd-pleasing addition to an action-packed franchise.

Basically, the current wide releases having something for everyone. Each is very distinctive, and if you've seen any of them, videos about each title, from the SoundWorks Collection, are a must see. The fantastic site has posted very cool videos on all four films, detailing their sound mix, scores and more. Check them out below.

Thanks to the SoundWorks Collection for these four videos. Head to their site for tons more.

Skyfall:SoundWorks Collection – The Sound of Skyfall from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.Wreck-It Ralph:SoundWorks Collection – The Sound and Music of Wreck-it Ralph from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.Flight:SoundWorks Collection – The Sound of Flight from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.Argo:SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of ARGO from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.