'Mythbusters' To Do A 'Breaking Bad' Inspired Episode

Breaking Bad, while being one of the most intense and revered shows currently on television, does sometimes require suspension of disbelief. It never feels fake, but the ways in which things happen to work out just so for teacher turned meth dealer Walt and his protege Jesse can sometimes raise an eyebrow or two.

Two particular instances of this will be tested on the 10th season of Mythbusters. The gang from the popular Discovery Channel show are fans of Vince Gilligan's AMC thriller, and the feeling is reciprocated by Gilligan. That shared love and respect has lead the Breaking Bad creator and one of his stars, Aaron Paul, to appear on an upcoming episode Mythbusters. Which myths will they bust? Read more after the jump.

Entertainment Weekly broke the news of this awesome upcoming episode, which is currently filming and will air during the new season of Mythbusters, expected to premiere in the Spring.

The Mythbusters had planned on doing three Breaking Bad inspired myths in the episode but found they only had time for two. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will test the Season One scene where Walt tells Jesse to dispose of a body with acid but he uses the wrong receptacle. Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara will do a second scene that also took place in the first season, but they wouldn't say which.

What's kind of funny is how Breaking Bad is a TV-MA show and Mythbusters is aimed at families. Savage had a few thoughts on keeping the balance:

 We're going to push the limit of humor about this as far as we can, and it's a difficult line because Mythbusters is a family show. A lot of people watch it with their kids, and yet we're doing with a collaboration with pretty much the least family-oriented show on television right now, about a science teacher turned drug manufacturer who kills people. At the same time, they're very committed to getting the scene right on that show. The fact that those guys love science and they want us to test their stuff — and they don't care whether we bust it or not, they want to actually know the answer — that's our favorite kind of collaboration.

Which means, they won't be trying to make 99% pure meth but there might be a second Breaking Bad themed episode in the future.

Will you be on the look out for this one?