LOL: Joss Whedon Endorses Mitt Romney's Vision Of A Zombie Apocalypse

While the East Coast hunkers down for the worst of Hurricane Sandy, Hollywood luminary Joss Whedon is looking farther ahead to another sign of the coming end times: the zombie apocalypse. And he knows just the way to bring it about, too.

In a last-minute push to help get out the vote, Whedon has released an ad promoting Republican Mitt Romney as the right choice for president. Surprised? You shouldn't be — Whedon's a known horror aficionado, and as he points out, it's the former governor's "purity of vision" that will help speed up our inevitable takeover by undead brain-eaters. Watch his very convincing video after the jump.

All right, so it turns out Whedon hasn't really crossed over to the conservative side after all — though this video really seems more pro-parkour than pro-Barack Obama or pro- anything else. Whedon's known for his ability to write a clever phrase, and here he proves as adept as any of his favorite go-to actors at delivering them. He crams some nice zingers in while pretending to shill for Romney, my favorite being the fake-appreciative observation that Romney's "not afraid to face a ravening, rasping hoard of sub-humans, because that's how he sees poor people already."

(Ed. note: There's a nice echo of Patton Oswalt here. The comedian once did a great riff kinda-stumping for the re-election of George W. Bush, arguing that W. seemed to have the ability to bring on the Biblical apocalypse.)

Whedon's video illustrates one benefit of the entertainment industry's tendency to lean left (Kid Rock, Jon Voight, and Clint "The Chair Whisperer" Eastwood notwithstanding): Since Democrats have most of the cool celebs on their side, they also tend to put out the more entertaining PSAs. Who knows if Whedon's political ad will actually change any minds, but if nothing else, it makes for a nice reminder to his many, many fans to vote on November 6. Because the real rise of the undead probably won't be anywhere near as fun as Buffy or Cabin in the Woods made it look.