Posters: First 'A Good Day To Die Hard' One-Sheet, Plus 'Django Unchained' And 'Killing Them Softly'

The first teaser trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard was a delightfully explosive bit of fun, but disappointingly, that energy doesn't seem to have translated to the first teaser poster. Our first bit of print marketing for the action sequel tries to be striking in its simplicity, and merely ends up being bland. Doesn't help that star Bruce Willis' face is so Photoshopped he's tiptoeing right up against the border of Uncanny Valley, either.

Much more exciting are the badass new international poster for Django Unchained, and the Weinstein Co.'s latest batch of stylish onesheets for Killing Them Softly. Check 'em all out after the jump.

[via Entertainment Weekly, Vice, Cine 1]

Well, on the plus side, there's no mistaking the A Good Day to Die Hard poster as anything but an advertisement for the next Die Hard, even without the words "Die Hard" appearing anywhere on the page. And I do enjoy the silly pun. Presumably we'll get plenty of other, hopefully better posters before A Good Day to Die Hard opens Valentine's Day 2013.

But Willis' big blown-up face is nowhere near as cool as the latest international poster for Django Unchained, which heavily plays up Quentin Tarantino's Western influences and features a slick new slogan: "Tomaron su libertad, ahora él tomará el control" or, para los que no hablan español, "They took his liberty, now he takes control." Who knew Leonardo DiCaprio looked so good in red? Django Unchained hits Christmas Day.

And taking the cake is the continued series of minimalist onesheets for Andrew Dominik's Killing Them Softly, which highlight the film's themes of violence, commerce, and the American dream. It seems likely they'll release some more traditional ones with A-list star Brad Pitt's face on them before the movie's November 30 release, but for now let's just enjoy these artsy efforts.