LOL: The Honest Trailer For 'Paranormal Activity'

Film fans looking for a little Halloween horror at the multiplex this year are probably finding pickings pretty slim. Frankenweenie is great, but too kiddie. Sinister is scary, with no real hook. Silent Hill Revelations 3D is a sequel to a movie very few care about...and then there's Paranormal Activity 4. Fans of the franchise know exactly what they're in for with this installment and while it does pack some scares and interesting mythological additions, they're few and far between. That's probably because we've already been (and will continue to be) hammered over the head with this once innovative franchise.

The team at ScreenJunkies took the time to make one of their honest trailers for the franchise and pretty much hit the nail on the head, as usual. And even if you disagree, it's still mighty funny.

Thanks to ScreenJunkies for the latest Honest Trailer for Paranormal Activity.