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Header Photo: Bigmouth Zombie-Makeup

The 10 Most Defining Performances in the History of Genre Television

15 Unemployed TV Actors Who Deserve Their Own Shows

Best Zombie Themed Wedding Photo

8 Terrifying Movie Man-Eaters That You'll Never See Coming

Discovering Doctor Who

Pixar vs Dreamworks: Which Animation Studio is Really the Best?

Halloween Costumes Movie Nerds Wore in the '70s and '80s

'Prince of Darkness' John Carpenter honored at Screamfest

A look at  The Art of Wreck-It Ralph

10 Greatest Shortest Scifi Stories Ever Written

Today's t-shirt of the day on TeeFury is a Evil Dead-inspired design "Necronomicon Ex Shirtus".

Matthew Fox Talks WORLD WAR Z; "The Zombie Killing Was Fun!"

Transformers Capbots – Captimus Prime

Dish vs. Cablevision court filing hints at a settlement, could lead to AMC's return

Game Of Thrones Westeros Cake

The Walking Dead Episode Three Hits iOS With Long Road Ahead

Walt Disney Imagineers Talk The Country Bear Jamboree Reimagining at Magic Kingdom Park

Les Moonves: CBS Would Consider Buying Sony Pictures

Art installation in downtown Los Angeles: Transformers Squaring Off Against. Jet-Pack Giraffes

Shirley MacLaine in Talks to Join Melissa McCarthy in 'Tammy'

Supercut of People Saying "Animal" in Movies

Explore Darth Vader's TIE Fighter In Your Browser With This Gorgeous 3D Model

Jumbo Vintage Kenner Power Droid

Before Paranormal Activity 4: 10 Movies That Paved the Way

Star Wars Storyboards—The Prequels  Book Announced

28 Things We Learned From the 'Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2? Commentary

The Rise and Fall of The Most Famous Background Actor Ever

The 10 Creepiest Human-To-Animal Transformations, In Order Of Mental Scarring

The 20 Most Twisted Mars Attacks Cards

Top 5/Bottom 5: Found Footage Movies

Darth Vader And Son T-Shirts

To Sequel or not to Sequel: Constantine

Star Trek The Movies Poster

6 Movies That Proved The Cast of Friends Should Stick to TV

I Seriously Hope Someone Didn't Name Their Boy "Twilight Sparkle"

Brave DVD release Coming on November 13th

Mash-up: Let's Freeze PSY In Carbonite

Ewan McGregor, Kate Hudson Team for Romantic Comedy 'Born to Be King'

Star Trek Halloween Wedding Cake

Michael Douglas And Diane Keaton Aligned With 'And So It Goes...'

Battlestar Galactica Viper Ship Flash Drive

THR Helps Find Real Life 'Argo' Character; Ben Affleck 'Thought He Was Dead'

The Walking Dead: The Musical

Tom Hanks on Becoming Walt Disney for 'Saving Mr. Banks'

Academy Movie Museum Will Attach Great Glass Sphere to Old May Company Building

OpenELEC-2.0 Linux distro released, turns your PC into an 'appliance-like' home theater device

Calvin and Hobbes Fence Painting

Olivia Thirlby Talks Loving Her "Flawed" Character In 'Nobody Walks,' More 'Dredd' & Her 5 Favorite Performances

Star Trek Pumpkin Carving

Tom Hanks Has High Praise for Cloud Atlas

Dress Up Marty t-shirt

The 10 biggest horror movie cliches

Prop Up Your Books With An AT-AT bookends

Joaquin Phoenix Calls Awards 'Bullshit' So Will He Get Nominated?

Dress Up Luke t-shirt

Muppet Christmas Carol blu-ray additional details released

Live Action Russian Simpsons opening

5 Must See Films of Austin Film Festival 2012

Pikachu Anatomy t-shirt

A Nearly-Instant Leia Costume

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