'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul To Star In 'Need For Speed'

One of the great legacy's of Breaking Bad will eventually be that it helped supercharge the careers of its two lead actors. Bryan Cranston has become a mainstay of Hollywood blockbusters, appearing in films like Total Recall, Argo, John Carter, and Rock of Ages. His partner, Aaron Paul, has yet to go that route, instead focusing on smaller films like Smashed. But with the series nearing its end, Paul is about to kick things into high gear. Literally.

He's just been cast as the lead in Need for Speed, director Scott Waugh's adaptation of the EA Sports video game series. Read more after the jump.

Entertainment Weekly first broke the news of Paul's casting. According to a DreamWorks executive, filming will begin early next year aimed at a February 7, 2014 release date. The film was conceived by George and John Gatins is be is being penned by the former with a story said to be "inspired by the game series but [not] based on any one title."

Obviously, Need for Speed seems like a reaction to the success of the Fast and Furious films but – no offense to Paul Walker, Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson – Aaron Paul is a much better actor. He's got multiple Emmy's for his portrayal of Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad and if this is the film he's chosen to do to kick off his post TV career, there is likely something more there than just car chases and explosions. Or maybe he's tired of sitting in the back seat and just wants behind the wheel.

Are you excited to see Paul getting a starring role?