Infographic: The Timelines Of 'Looper' Explained

Even when director Rian Johnson spends 15 minutes talking about some of Looper's unanswered questions, it's still not enough. Since its release a couple weeks ago, Johnson's time-traveling sci-fi thriller has been quite divisive, both thanks to its content and time travel paradoxes. Fans have enjoyed debating not only the intricicies of the film, but Johnson's quotes and explainations too. From here we can go to a new place: the infographic.

Wired has created a cool, spoiler-filled, infographic that tries to explain the timelines of the film. It's interesting but still can't line everything up perfectly. Not that it was ever meant to. Check it out below.

Thanks to Wired and Noah Iliinsky for this great piece of work.

Even when you lay it down in print like this, you see that Iliinsky had to insert question marks because the film doesn't offer concrete explainations. Johnson talked about that a lot on the /Filmcast, which you can listen to here. Here's another quote from my interview with the director:

For me it's a trope of time travel movies and there's a slight amount of magic logic that you have to apply in order for a story like this to make sense.

Do you agree that a time travel movie is allowed to have plot holes based on its plot? Do you think Looper has them? Or do you think the fun of a time travel movie is trying to figure this stuff out?