'60 Minutes' Segment On Sundance Fave 'Searching For Sugar Man' Celebrates Talented Singer Rodriguez

One of the big hits of both Sundance and SXSW this year was the doc Searching For Sugar Man, about the singer Rodriguez, whose records bombed in the US in the '70s even as it became a major cultural force in South Africa. Sony Classics picked up the film after Sundance, but no trailer has been released at this point. But last night 60 Minutes profiled both the film and its subjects, and that segment is now online.

I haven't seen the doc, and so I can't say whether or not this segment ultimately undercuts any narrative suspense built into the film. (I suspect that it does.) But if you're willing to take that chance, or are more interested in the story than any reveals in the documentary, I'd recommend taking a a look.

When you do watch, I expect (just as Sony Classics hopes) that you'll be eager to see the movie, as an interview with Rodriguez reveals him to be a wonderful subject, and the story of filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul is also wild. (He says he shot much of the doc on his iPhone.)

How awesome is Rodriguez? The guy seems like the real deal: talented, knowing, and humble. He's a gem.