Website Launched For 'Monsters University,' The College

Monsters University is now online. The University, not the movie. Disney has launched the official ".edu" website for the university at the center of their 2013 film, Monsters University, and it's a rich, detailed and clever take on the college website complete with some Pixar charm. Read about upcoming events, admission policies, social activities and Greek Life, purchase merch in the school store, you name it it's probably on there. Check out the highlights and get the link after the jump.

You've gotta head to for the full experience. There's literally too much to write about or cover in one post.

A few highlights though are this history of the school:

Established in 1313 following a land grant from the city of Monstropolis, Monsters University has grown from a small local center of learning to a leading global institution of higher education. Upon this hallowed ground, some of the most fabled academic buildings in the world have been built, serving the hundreds of thousands of alumni that have walked the halls and grounds of MU.

There's a full campus map on the site.

You can go into each individual school (Business, Scaring, etc.) and read suggested books, course lists and even some problems reported to campus police. It's almost never ending.

There's also an school Intranet that almost feels like the launch of some kind of extra viral marketing. The direct link is here: MU.NET. The site says alumni "will soon have the option to generate their own username and password." So be on the look out for that.

Finally, almost every page has a new images from the film or at least the world. None seem to feature any of the main characters but I'd be surprised if they weren't on there somewhere.

Very, very cool site, right? Monsters University opens June 21, 2013, and is not mentioned or referenced at all on this page. It's totally played as real.