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Header Photo: Graffiti Terminator + 12 more amazing geek street art masterpieces

Five Favorite Films with Anna Kendrick

68 films submitted for the foreign-language Oscar

E.T.'s zombie getaway by Andy J. Hunter

6 Filmmaking Tips Directly From Rian Johnson

From the Wire: P.T. Anderson's Sad Decline (of Amazing Movies)

Scott C's Great Showdown tribute to Bridesmaids.

Dolby Releases List of Theaters Playing 'Taken 2' in Atmos Sound

How to Make the Perfect Summer Movie in 5 Easy Steps

More Star Wars Art Books On The Way

Ice Age: Continental Drift Hitting Blu-ray and DVD on December 11

Why the Ninja Turtles' Master Splinter Was a Cult Leader

Everything I Know About Producing, Pt.2

R2-D2 Costume Hoodie

Holly Hunter Latest Actor To Join, Probably Get Cut Out Of, Terrence Malick's Next Film

Hijinks Ensue takes on Looper.

20 Weird and Wonderful Performances As The Devil

Sideshow has released their Avatar Neytiri life size bust.

PBS Makes Ad Buy For 'Big Bird' on Twitter

Video: How to make a Chewbacca Domo

Samuel L. Jackson and Dominic Cooper will star in the indie legal thriller "Reasonable Doubt," formerly "The Good Samaritan."

9 Floor Plans Of Popular Movie Scenes

Warner Bros. to Distribute 600 Paramount Catalog Titles

Check Out New Images From Hitchcock

30 Things We Learned From 'The Monster Squad' Commentary

Frankenweenie Remixed: Rise From Your Tomb! by Melodysheep

AMC Will Not Stop Throwing a Temper Tantrum About Being Dropped by Dish

The Departed poster by Beware1984

Top 10 Sporting Movies of All Time

The Butterfly Effect from Passion Pictures on Vimeo.

The Butterfly Effect, An Action-Packed Animated Tale of Mayhem

10 Celebrities Who Would Be Great 'Men in Black' Aliens

Cowboy Bebop movie poster by John Gilbert.

Top 10 Ways To Ditch The Bad Guys

Bryan Cranston on CHiPs, Plays a Car Thief Named Billy Joe (1982)

10 Awesome Cyborgs in TV History

DIY Tron Coffee Table

Lessons On Contract Law From Firefly

Frankenstein Tube Dress

Top Five Doctor Who Amy Pond Moments Of Matt Smith

Matchbook Jack By: Mike Bell

8 Great... Movies Based on Short Films

Star Trek Ladies' Cycle Jersey

Regal To Install 10 Additional IMAX Theaters

Jurassic Park dinosaur costume.

Toys R Us launches VOD service

The First Time poster

Lena Dunham Book Bidding At $3.6 Million

Little Freddy by Remko Troost

'Safe House' Actor Fares Fares Joins 'Department Q' Franchise

Is Doctor Who a Religion?

Zal Batmanglij Reveals The 4 Films That Influenced 'Sound Of My Voice'

Three More Very Different Posters for 'Killing Them Softly' Are Here

South Park shows how James Cameron saved us all from Honey Boo Boo

Cooking with Christopher Walken

The Good, the Bad and the Bogus: Action Sequels

Poster for 'Sopranos' Creator David Chase's 'Not Fade Away'

12 Gut-Wrenching Scenes That Are Practically Gore-Free

Wreck It Ralph plush  and Monsters University merch

RZA Working On Two Separate ODB Biopics, Second Titled 'Dirt: One Word Could Change The World'

MFF 2012 Keynote Address: J. Hoberman from Milwaukee Film on Vimeo.

Watch movie critic J. Hoberman Discuss the State of 21st Century Cinema

Indiegogo Campaign Launched to Save Big Bird

F3-7T, Bobba Fett's custom droid by Nick Scurfield.

Variety has listed 10 actors to watch

How a George Lucas Look-alike Crushed the Dreams of a Kid in a C-3PO Suit

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