Sacha Baron Cohen Developing 'The Lesbian,' Based On True Story

For his next act, Sacha Baron Cohen is likely to play a super rich homophobe. The comedic star of Borat, Bruno and The Dictator has just signed a deal with Paramount to develop The Lesbian, a comedic spin on the true story of Cecil Chao, a Hong Kong billionaire who publicly offered $65 million to any man who could woo and marry his gay daughter. It made international headlines and, obviously, is ripe for parody. Read more below.

Deadline broke the news of the deal. No writer has been attached and while there's no guarantee Baron Cohen would star, it seems likely that he'll take the role of the father, and he'll definitely be a producer on the film.

Last month, Gigi Chao eloped with her female partner in France because Hong Kong does not recognize same sex marriage. When her father, Cecil Chao, found out, he put out the bounty for her daughter's hand and marriage proposals began flowing in. In an interview with the Associated Press, Miss Chao said she was still on good terms with her father despite his old-fashioned ways.

It's likely Paramount doesn't hold any rights to the Chao's story, and are just hoping Baron Cohen can take the idea of it and push it to the extreme, much like he did with The Dictator, which grossed $175 million worldwide. You can also begin to see how the story would come together: super rich, sleazy, un-PC billionaire has an innocent sweet daughter who gets married to a girl, he freaks out, creates international headlines, appears on news shows, big fight with the daughter, this story writes itself.

Had you heard of this story before? Do you think Baron Cohen will make it a worthwhile film?