Here's Your Official, Regal Look At The Reunited 'Arrested Development' Cast

After years of speculation about the possible return, in movie or TV form, of "beloved by everyone but Fox and the millions who never watched" series Arrested Development, we've spent the past couple months swimming in tantalizing but minor views of the show's rebirth. All the cast and creators are back on board to create ten episodes for Netflix, which will be available in 2013. (Or twelve episodes, or thirteen, or however many Mitch Hurwitz wants.)

Now we've got something a little more concrete, in the form of three official photos of the cast as they get back in action. AD trainspotters might be a bit disappointed in the general lack of winking in-jokes placed in these pics; we'll have to make do with a hook hand and not much else. But that's small stuff; how can anyone possibly complain about seeing this crew in the same frame?

I'll admit, I've long been one of the people who thought the original series was best left alone. But I'm still excited to see what they've come up with for this reunion. I remain a bit cautious, but this is a smart bunch of people, and if they've collectively decided that there are good ideas in play, I want to see them. (Especially now that a couple important cast members have aged way beyond their characters' original years.

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