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Header Photo: Transform Your Toilet Into The Iron Throne

How to host your own Fantastic FestPictures of Health: Six Current Documentaries Tackle the Medical Issue

Action movie wedding cake.

Should Filmmakers Explain Their Movies?

DreamWorks Animation's New CTO Lincoln Wallen On Why Each New Movie Is Like A Startup

Every Drink From Mad Men in Under Five Minutes

Warner Bros. to Celebrate 90th Anniversary With New Logo, Massive DVD Collections

Why We Need a New Star Trek Show, and What It Should Be About

A Hobbit hole inspired bedroom.

The Sounds of Fantastic Fest

Watch Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick interview each other for MAX 60 SecondsWhy "The Princess Bride" should not work as a movieStar Wars Sugar Skull Tattoo10 Silliest Frankenstein Spoofs

Scary Lady Cake Pops

The 32 Greatest Unscripted Movie Scenes

Poster being painted for "Wreck It Ralph" in Los Angeles.

Independent Distribution In America Is Seriously Threatened

A video tour of the FX studio behind The Walking Dead, Evil Dead 2, Inglourious Basterds

12 movie and TV haunted houses we wouldn't mind moving intoHook poster by Danielle Davis10 Best Performances From The Underrated Ethan Hawke

Scott C's Great Showdown tribute to The Burbs.

Total Recall: Tim Burton's Best Movies

There Will Be Blood poster by Jason Heatherly

'Arrested Development' Offers 6 Walk-On Roles to Fans

Jullian's watercolor painting of The MasterKen Burns Fights New York City Over 'Central Park Five' Subpoena

Video Essay: Werner Herzog on Man's Futility

Amazon Studios Options First Novel With 'Seed'

New Image Of Oprah Winfrey & Terrence Howard In Lee Daniels' 'The Butler'5 Most Awkward Sex Scenes In Cinema HistoryWahlberg and Crowe Featured on the Poster for Broken City

Acclaimed Anime Director Launches Kickstarter To Produce Pro-Wrestling Nun Short

Maude Apatow and Rebel Wilson Are Hip Hop's Next Big ThingRon Moore Speaks His Mind about 'Star Trek' TV ReturnFirst Look: Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly in 'Grace of Monaco' Drama9 awesome (but fake) movie products you can actually buy

Video: This Real-Life Anime Girl Cosplay Will Freak You OutThe 10 Best Films To See In October

Incredible Hobbit Props And Toys From WETA Including The One Ring

Number Crunch: Liam Neeson's Very Particular Set of Box Office SkillsCustom action figure based on one of Ralph McQuarrie's designs for the Masters of the Universe movieRebel Wilson on How Lady Gaga Helped Her Snag Her Pitch Perfect Role

The Evolution of Joseph Gordon-Levitt Animated GIF, Looper Edition

The Top 10 M.U.S.C.L.E. Men That Got Real Action FiguresInfographic: Sheldon's Big Bang Theory t-shirts.

RiffTrax is bringing Birdemic: Shock and Terror to theaters for festive October soul-hurt (and jokes)!

Video: That Time a Wookiee Bellydanced To a Klingon Band

Syfy, Hulu Acquire 'Primeval: New World'

Gollum Pop! Vinyl Figure

Redbox Begins To Sell Event Tickets At Its DVD Rental Kiosks

Animated Battle Of Hoth Scene Recreated In Minecraft

Sorry Apple, But TV Producers Are Profitable Enough Without You: Analyst

Doctor Who TARDIS Table LampParamount, John Singleton Set for 'Hustle and Flow' Trial

"Raiders Of The Lost Ark" In One GIF, Start To Finish

9 Movies About Technology: How Cinema Loves the InternetOwn a Replica of Disneyland's Haunted MansionA Beginner's Guide to Italian Horror: Mario Bava on Blu-rayLena Dunham's letterhead10 Great Movies You've Probably Never Heard Of

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