Watch Part Of Andy And Lana Wachowski's Post-'Cloud Atlas' Q&A From Fantastic Fest

One of the highlights of Fantastic Fest was last Wednesday's secret screening, which turned out to be Cloud Atlas, the new film from Andy and Lana Wachowski and Tom Tykwer. The Wachowskis were in attendance to do a Q&A afterward, which is something that would have been unthinkable from the directors in years past. But along with the full public revelation of Lana's new/true identity we seem to be getting a version of the Wachowskis that is much more open to discussing filmmaking.

And so here is an edited portion of the Q&A the two did after Cloud Atlas last week. It has no film spoilers, but is fairly specific to the novel and the movie, so if you're not very familiar with Cloud Atlas at this point you can watch the long trailer and/or read our breakdown of the film's six stories at the same link.

The Q&A video is after the break.

Sadly, the entire Q&A isn't online at this point, and there's one good bit that didn't make this edit. I've already seen quite a few people refer to Cloud Atlas merely as a Wachowski movie, and that leaves out the huge input of Tom Tykwer. One thing discussed at this Q&A was the fact that the 'Cloud Atlas Sextet,' a key piece of music for the film both within the narrative and for the presentation of the story, was written by Tykwer.

Counter to typical procedure, Tykwer actually wrote the Sextet before the film was shot, allowing he and the Wachowskis to play back the actual music on set that would be used int he film, and to cut directly to that music. Tykwer always works this way, as he thinks doing anything else is backward. Andy Wachowski insisted that he was a believer in the process, and that future Wachowski films would be made using the same method.

If and when the full Q&A goes online, we'll update. [Badass Digest]