Cool 'Iron Man 3' Set Photos Feature Mark XLVII And Iron Patriot Together


Basking in the hot Florida sun, Shane Black's Iron Man 3 almost doesn't look like an Iron Man film at all. In fact, while two superheroes manning high tech suits designed by Stark Enterprises were recently on the southern set, neither suit was the traditional red and yellow armor fans have come to know and love from the first two movies and The Avengers. Instead we have Tony Stark's new Mark XLVII armor (first revealed at Comic-Con) and James Rhodes' new Iron Patriot suit (first revealed through spy photos) on set together. This is a much more colorful Iron Man. Check out some set photos below.

The photos come from Daily Mail 

So there you see both suits together, a good view of the Mark XLVII, the production trying to cover up the Iron Patriot and the triumphant return of Downey Jr. to set after his injury.

Obviously, Iron Man 2 had Stark battling with, and against, War Machine in separate scenes but his armor was always the basic red and yellow look. Here we get two totally new, upgraded versions of the armor together on set without the usual suit. Guess we'll be phasing out the original look. And while we don't specifically know for a fact what's going on in this scene, or with the armors, the rumor is [SPOILERS] Stark's armor is number 47 because he'll be fighting along side 40 unmanned suits in the film's finale [SPOILER END].

In the end, is this really that big of a deal? No. Is it cool? Undoubtedly. The production of Iron Man 3 hit a little hiccup when Robert Downey Jr. got injured but he's back now and it's full steam ahead toward May 3, 2013. Expect a new trailer soon.